How to Find Leaks in Air Mattress Beds

How to Find Leaks in Air Mattress Beds

Finding a leak in an air mattress bed can be a walk in the park. It can also be a nightmare. Which side of the fence your particular leak lands on is a matter of both size and location of the leak. This guide will help you find leaks in tuft & needle vs casper mattress beds but you’ll need to determine for yourself if the hunt is worth the effort or if you are better off simply replacing the mattress. Our next post covering how to repair an air mattress bed will further help you make that decision but let’s get finding a leak in an air bed out of the way first. We’ll start with the simple stuff and work our way up from there. Continue reading »

Best Mattresses for Back Pain Side Sleepers

Best Mattresses for Back Pain Side Sleepers

Best Mattresses for Back Pain Side Sleepers

Almost everything today was created with the human body in your mind. Somehow, you cannot think about something as good sufficient unless it is simple and easy , convenient to use and provides you more benefits for any sound mind along with a healthy body. Ergonomics is just about the number one standard in many of today’s furnishings and appliances. Choose a best mattress under $200 HERE Continue reading »

How to choose a Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Why buy the whole mattress when a memory foam mattress pad will give you the support you need? A memory foam mattress will give you the best night’s sleep you could ever ask for, but maybe you don’t need the whole mattress. Maybe a pad is just the ticket.

How to choose a Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Memory foam, also called visco-elastic foam, is open celled foam that will conform to your body. Since the cells are open, they push the air from one cell to the next so it completely molds around you with no uncomfortable pressure points.  Memory foam is so comfortable that now you can find all kinds of products made from it, from wheel chair cushions to pillows and a big favorite

Are you need a best mattress for back pain? Read more:

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Memory Foam Slippers – True Comfort In Leisure Shoes

Memory Foam Slippers – True Comfort In Leisure Shoes

Memory Foam Slippers are some of the best house shoes out. Made with the same technology as the tempurpedic foam mattress these shoes give comfort like no other. Memory Foam technology was developed for NASA in 1966. The foam was first used in mattresses and now it is used in shoes. The heat from the body makes the foam adhere to the shape of it. This makes these shoes so comfortable. The shoes with thicker foam are the best. These shoes are made for men and women. Continue reading »

Hybrid Aero Performalite Air Mattress Bed for Camping

I’m going to deviate from the norm a bit in this post. Generally, when I write about camping air mattress beds, I gravitate towards companies like Coleman and other proven industry leaders. For guest beds, I gravitate to companies like German-based Aero. Today, I’m going to flip the norm, though, and highlight a particular air bed produced by Aero which I think fits nicely in the camping category. Continue reading »

Getting Into the Great Outdoors with a Truck Bed Air Mattress

bedroom with mattress

There’s nothing like sleeping under the open sky with pinprick starlight flickering overhead and the fresh air full on your face. Other than bad weather, one of the obvious things that can ruin the experience is sleeping on hard ground. Even if you make the best of that through the use of an air mattress bed, some folks (me included) worry incessantly about bugs and critters. One of the more creative solutions to this problem is the ingenious truck bed air mattress. Continue reading »

Air Mattress Bed Patch Kits and Camping

Gripped in the coldest weather we’ve seen here all year, I’m hardly inclined to go camping, but I do have some free time on my hands so I might as well spare you an inconvenience I’ve suffered myself and give you one solid piece of advice relative to your air mattress bed. Second only to remembering to pack your air mattress bed when you go camping is to remember to pack a patch kit to repair it. Continue reading »

Serta 10 Inch Gel mattress

Serta 10 Inch Gel mattress Reviews

If you want one of the best mattresses there is on the market then the Serta 10 inch gel foam 3 layer mattress is a great choice. Casper Mattress Topper vs This mattress is deeper than most other mattresses out today, plus it has a 1.5 inch convoluted foam mattress under an additional 1.5 inches of gel foam, which gives the mattress added comfort.
Most buyers look at the name Serta and know that it is already a good mattress, however, it is time that you learned some of the important facts about this very mattress. Just because this is a Serta doesn’t mean you are going to fall in love with it. It is because of this that it is strongly recommended that you try the mattress out and also read some reviews on it. If you go to Amazon you will see that there are lots of reviews that you can look at and get a feel for what others thought of this mattress.

Facts About The Serta 10 Inch Gel Foam Mattress

7 Inch High Density Foam Base – The 7 inch high density foam base offers additional strength and comfort to you for years to come. The high foam gives this mattress enough strength that you won’t have to flip it time and time again, it will automatically come back to it’s normal state. One thing that you need to know about having more high density foam is that the mattress will feel harder to the touch, however, this is what many people want in order to keep their vertebrae from misaligning itself.
1.5 Inch Foam Padding For Max Air Flow – Yes, this 1.5 inches of foam padding is very important when it comes to max air flow in the mattress. The 1.5 inches of convoluted foam is positioned between the 7 inch foam base and the 1.5 inch gel memory foam top. It is because of this foam that causes the entire mattress to stay cool throughout the entire night.
20 Year Limited Warranty – Most mattresses don’t offer a 20 year limited warranty along with them, however, Serta offers a 20 year limited warranty on all of their mattresses. The reason Serta offers this long warranty is because they know their mattress will withstand the test of time. If you want to make sure you are not just buying a cheap mattress without any guarantees, then this is the mattress for you.
Relieve of Pressure Points – Being that this mattress is exceptionally manufactured, there is no need for any additional padded to be added to the top. If you are tired of waking up with achy joints and a body that aches for days, then you need this Serta mattress.
Now, the price of the Serta 10 Inch Gel mattress is the highest on the market for a full size mattress, however, it does come with a warranty that is twice as long as other mattresses out there. So, if long lasting quality is what you are after then the Serta 10 Inch Gel mattress will be perfect for you.

The Sleep Number Bed Compared to Other Mattresses

Let’s continue from our previous post on the benefits of healthy sleep with air mattress beds and discuss how the Sleep Number Bed performed in an independent, Chicago-based firm’s study. We’ll start with pressure points as this is the single biggest frustration I’ve had in the past. For me, getting comfortable on most mattresses is a matter of rolling around for the first 30 minutes or so before I finally doze off. According to my wife, I continue shifting around on innerspring mattresses excessively which leads to poor sleep for both of us. I don’t have the same problems on an air mattress bed. Continue reading »

Air Mattress Beds for Back Pain

Have you considered buying an air mattress bed for your aching back? Did you come here expecting enthusiastic support for your decision? Are you expecting me to tell you, definitively, that a particular style of air mattress such as the Sleep Number bed is the right solution for precisely your problem? Well, hang on to your hat because you won’t get that here. Continue reading »

The Tuckaire Inflatable Toddler Bed for Travel by The Shrunks

My previous two air mattress beds for kids reviews covered the Dr. Watters Child’s Portable Overnight Bed by Gentle Air and the 40010 AeroBed for Kids. Both are superb products by reputable companies with a good history in the air mattress beds industry. But, since variety is the spice of life, I’m going to cover at least one more mattress in the air mattress for kids category before moving on.

Introducing the Tuckaire Inflatable Toddler Bed

Along with the two air mattresses already reviewed, I’d like to introduce the Tuckaire Toddler air mattress for kids by The Shrunks. On the surface, this mattress is comparable to the previous two offerings but it does have some features that distinguish it (both for better and for worse depending on your perspective). We’ll get any potential negatives out of the way first.

One of the first things I want to clear up is a bit of confusing information. The Amazon advertisements for this product (and a few other sources I’ve found) list the product dimensions as 19 x 9 x 6 inches. A little common sense will tell you those are hardly adequate dimensions for a human of any age. Don’t worry… the Tuckaire Toddler air bed isn’t for your daughter’s Barbie. Those are just the dimensions of the air mattress in shipping. The actual dimensions when inflated are 60″ x 36″ x 5″ inches.

How Does the Tuckaire Toddler Bed Compare to the AeroBed for Kids or Dr Watters Child’s Overnight Bed?

Compared to the Aero Bed for Kids, the Tuckair Toddler Travel Bed is actually larger by as much as 10″ per side and one inch in depth. While not too big a difference, nearly a foot of additional space per side can, in some circumstances, be too much. I’m picturing cramped hotel rooms and guest rooms in which walking space is at a premium. Of the three air mattress beds for children I’ve reviewed, the Tuckair Toddler air mattress bed is the largest.

If you review other air beds for kids, particularly the two others I’ve already reviewed, you’ll see they proudly proclaim how quickly their beds inflate. The Tuckaire does the same but, unlike some of its competitors, does not quantify that with a number. For example, the Aerobed for Kids proclaims under a minute inflation times and 15 seconds to deflate. While this may just be an oversight on the part of the company, I’m inclined to guess that the Tuckaire doesn’t beat its competitors in this regard so they’ve simply left off their stats. But, keep in mind, we’re only talking about a maximum of 1 minute difference here so it really isn’t that big a deal in the context of all the other features you might want to consider.

Another item some might consider a negative but which I think will mostly be offset by something I’ll get to later is that The Shrunks doesn’t operate a business on the same level of Gentle Air or AeroBed; both of which are relative giants in comparison. Larger companies tend to have more established manufacturing processes in place, better R&D and, sometimes, more polished customer care and support operations in place. I’m not saying The Shrunks falls down in any of these regards, just that their more venerable and larger competitors have had more time to iron out the wrinkles.

Why am I concerned about larger companies? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a small business myself so I always pull for the little guy, but I’ve read a few reviews from owners advising that the Tuckaire Toddler bed needed to be inflated again several times during a few days of use. That’s a sign of a manufacturing defect. To be sure, very few people lodged this complaint and the included electric pump makes this a quick fix and negligible inconvenience, but it needs to be noted in the interest of full disclosure.

Positive Tuckaire Inflatable Toddler Bed Reviews

Now, having said the last, I’m going to get to the positives. Though the Tuckaire Toddler air bed may not be manufactured by as large a company as AeroBed, The Shrunks shines in one simple regard; they focus exclusively on air beds for kids and related products. That makes them specialists. With their mission laser focused, they can take the time to really do inflatable kids beds right and that largely negates some of the downsides to their not being as large as their competitors.

A slightly defensive response from The Shrunks representatives actually provided me some wonderful material to add here that you really should know about. First, don’t EVER suggest they can’t roll with the big dogs. They might get a bit snippy (just a joke if you’re reading, guys). They get snippy for good reason, though. Why? I’ll provide some direct quotes from their comment.

Did you know thatThe development team goes to Asia and Europe once every 2 months or even every month to design and quality control existing and new products” I think that shows superb devotion to their product and goes to my point (which The Shrunks customer service folks apparently didn’t read) that being specialized means a level of dedication and devotion beyond what larger companies are generally capable of (or interested in). It’s why I love new and smaller companies, guys. They really do care about what they’re doing. They haven’t been around long enough to become apathetic or cumbersome.

Did you know thatThe Shurnks’ is headed by a, 20 years experience, sales managers and products are designed by award winning designers who have worked for major fortune 500 USA companies“. I won’t say that makes me “totally wrong” in my statements on experience but it certainly makes them better than one might otherwise think. There are many elements beyond sales and design that go into working out the bugs of a business but their dedication to producing the best possible product for so young a company is clear.

Did you knowWe are the only ones on the Planet using the safest materials and the best manufacturing facilites…Guaranteed….” While I can’t certify that claim, I suspect it is at least mostly true. As you continue to read this review you’ll note I mention the manufacturing of the Tuckaire Inflatable Toddler Bed promises no lead, no BpA and no phathales. That’s huge, gang, and just one more reason to love this bed.

A final note to the good folks at The Shrunks… just because I start with the negatives doesn’t mean your product isn’t great. Read the whole post, next time. You’ll see that I ended this with “The Air Mattress Beds Guide definitely recommends this product.” I meant it then and I mean it now because, unlike any other product I’ve endorsed or condemned, you are the first to actually care enough about your product to try and set the record straight. Good for you!

End of Update

Going back to the size of the bed, while it may be larger (and that may sometimes be an inconvenience) the bed’s generous dimensions also mean your child won’t outgrow his or her inflatable bed as quickly as he/she would if you were to opt for the Gentle Air or the AeroBed for kids. You’ll have to determine for yourself if the added years of use will make up for the extra space required on every trip.

A Great Air Mattress Bed without the Chemical Smell!

Of particular interest to parents is the fact that Tuckaire Toddler inflatable travel bed promises no lead, no BpA and no phathales in their product. I’ll save details on what these things are for a future, more technical post but for now parents should view this as the very positive absence of metals and chemical emissions that are harmful. Best of all, the Tuckaire promises you won’t have to contend with that unpleasant “new plastic” smell!

Another feature I really love with this bed involves sheets. The design of the Tuckaire for Toddlers allows for sheets to be tucked in between the bumpers and the actual mattress portion the child sleeps on. Not only does this help create the illusion for the child of this being a real bed instead of an air mattress, but it also keeps bedding off the floor so it stays clean longer. And, in case you’re wondering, yes… the Tuckaire Toddler air mattress bed accepts standard size crib sheets.

Speaking of the bumpers, the Tuckaire has the Dr Watters air bed and the AeroBed for Kids beat in this regard. While all three offer a “well” design with raise edges all around the bed, this air bed for Toddlers takes things a step further with raised bumpers. These further ensure your child won’t roll out of his bed and, in my opinion, add an aesthetic element that makes this the better looking of the three beds; great win in both form and function.

An Inexpensive Air Mattress Bed for Kids – Yay!

Finally, the Tuckaire Toddler bed beats both the Dr Watters and AeroBed for Kids in terms of price. You can pick yours up through carousel ad above (along with some related prodcuts) for around $56.50 (as of this writing. Price will vary slightly from time to time). One word of warning, though… the exact same bed is also sold on Amazon for $99.00 with the addition of a “hand-stitched, ultra-plush character.” All you’re getting for your extra $42.50 is a pillow shaped like some strange critter. That’s a hefty price for a pillow, if you ask me, but I’ll leave it to you to decide if it’s worth it to you.

Buy air mattress beds for kids online – it’s almost always cheaper.

Of course, you can shop around or pick up your Tuckaire in a store but you might be challenged to find them. As with most products, I always recommend the internet. You can buy the Tuckaire Inflatable Toddler bed online and save money over in-store prices. In my experience, that’s almost always the case even after factoring in shipping.

So to wrap up, the Tuckaire Toddler travel inflatable bed is a great option for the traveling family. It offers safe construction and generous dimensions and is a great replacement bed or upgrade for a child who has outgrown his or her Pack-n-Play. This air mattress is sold by a company specifically devoted to delivering products for children. The price for the bed is very reasonable. On the downside, the bed requires a bit more space than some of the other offerings on my site and may not inflate quite as quickly (though you’d still have a bed ready from inflation to sheeting in around 5 minutes). Finally, sheets and blankets can be tucked to keep them off the floor and the bed accepts standard size crib sheets.