4 extremely attractive tourist destinations in 2017

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4 extremely attractive tourist destinations in 2017

You are fed up with the works in hustles of modern society, you want to be free in new and strange places to try the feeling “ waking up early in a remote place”. Let’s make the most of passions in your lives and not forget to spend your time on interesting trips.

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Let’s list the most “HOT” tourist destinations in 2017!

Hoi An – ancient town

Hoi An is located on next to Nothern bank of lower section of Thu Bon river. it has a distance of 25km from Da Nang city and a distance of 50km from West-North direction of Tam Ky city. Hoi An is known as ancient town which has architectural ensembles still preserved, the traditional custom with “flavour” of peaceful village of Vietnam.

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Besides, eating and drinking with the countryside dishes are the highlight in tourists who coming to Hoi An. if you come here without enjoying the traditional foods such as Cao Lau, Quang noodle, “white roses” cakes, .. you surely regret that.

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Sa pa terraced fields

If you so bored with the crowded, noise of famous tourist destinations, you want immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the peaceful feeling among a tranquil village and Sa Pa is your great choice. Sa Pa is a highland town of West-North of Viet Nam, and has beautiful terraced fields as the steps up to the sky. With the scenery of poetic and majestic nature, mysterious love markets and delicious foods, Sa Pa has fascinated most of tourists coming here.

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Ba Na hills – road to paradise

Located on the edge of Da Nang – coastal city, Ba Na is a emerging city in Viet nam now. Ba is an ancient beauty of the European architecture so when coming here, will have a sensation of losing in the lands of fairy tales and you are the characters from that story. Furthermore, when coming here, you can contemplate the nature and pristine mountains, just “walking slow a bit” you can catch the mischievous and lovely monkeys. This is surely a place where you once come and never want to leave.

Video : //www.youtube.com/watch?v=puBojjC3KeM

Ninh Binh

It has a distance of more than 90km, Ninh Binh is a famous place with special and historical sight-seeings. Thank to the diversity of landscape including mountains, rivers, caves, Ninh Binh is the best choice for the tourists who want to experience the nature by different ways.

With these suggestions, We wish you will have happy and meaningful trips.

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