Air Mattress Bed Patch Kits and Camping

Gripped in the coldest weather we’ve seen here all year, I’m hardly inclined to go camping, but I do have some free time on my hands so I might as well spare you an inconvenience I’ve suffered myself and give you one solid piece of advice relative to your air mattress bed. Second only to remembering to pack your air mattress bed when you go camping is to remember to pack a patch kit to repair it.

Air Mattress Bed Patch Kits and Camping

While most camping air mattress beds are designed to be durable, they are in constant jeopardy from both sharp items you may have amongst your camping gear and from sharp objects they may encounter on the ground. Should either puncture your mattress, you’re in for a cold and uncomfortable night ahead. Patch kits for air mattress beds consist of little more than a small, vinyl or synthetic circle of material and a small tube of adhesive. Given their light weight and the tiny space they will occupy in your pack, there’s simply no reason not to bring one of these kits along.

One quick thought before you head off into the great outdoors with your trusty patch kit is that you ensure the adhesive is stowed in a leak-proof baggy lest it rupture and ruin the contents of your pack. Also surround it with soft material such as a pair of socks to help prevent impact ruptures.

Finally, always clear the ground of debris and sharps before you pitch your tent. It can be a hassle but certainly less costly and inconvenient than having to repair your gear in the wild or risking punctures to something far more difficult to repair (such as your body).

At the end of the day, your air mattress bed won’t mean much to you if you can’t inflate it or keep it inflated. Don’t let a small oversight ruin what could be an otherwise great adventure in the wilderness. Think of your patch kit as emergency gear (I actually keep mine in my first aid kit). It’s something you hope you won’t have to use but is certainly nice to have around if your hopes should be dashed.

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