Serta 10 Inch Gel mattress

Serta 10 Inch Gel mattress Reviews

If you want one of the best mattresses there is on the market then the Serta 10 inch gel foam 3 layer mattress is a great choice. Casper Mattress Topper vs This mattress is deeper than most other mattresses out today, plus it has a 1.5 inch convoluted foam mattress under an additional 1.5 inches of gel foam, which gives the mattress added comfort.
Most buyers look at the name Serta and know that it is already a good mattress, however, it is time that you learned some of the important facts about this very mattress. Just because this is a Serta doesn’t mean you are going to fall in love with it. It is because of this that it is strongly recommended that you try the mattress out and also read some reviews on it. If you go to Amazon you will see that there are lots of reviews that you can look at and get a feel for what others thought of this mattress.

Facts About The Serta 10 Inch Gel Foam Mattress

7 Inch High Density Foam Base – The 7 inch high density foam base offers additional strength and comfort to you for years to come. The high foam gives this mattress enough strength that you won’t have to flip it time and time again, it will automatically come back to it’s normal state. One thing that you need to know about having more high density foam is that the mattress will feel harder to the touch, however, this is what many people want in order to keep their vertebrae from misaligning itself.
1.5 Inch Foam Padding For Max Air Flow – Yes, this 1.5 inches of foam padding is very important when it comes to max air flow in the mattress. The 1.5 inches of convoluted foam is positioned between the 7 inch foam base and the 1.5 inch gel memory foam top. It is because of this foam that causes the entire mattress to stay cool throughout the entire night.
20 Year Limited Warranty – Most mattresses don’t offer a 20 year limited warranty along with them, however, Serta offers a 20 year limited warranty on all of their mattresses. The reason Serta offers this long warranty is because they know their mattress will withstand the test of time. If you want to make sure you are not just buying a cheap mattress without any guarantees, then this is the mattress for you.
Relieve of Pressure Points – Being that this mattress is exceptionally manufactured, there is no need for any additional padded to be added to the top. If you are tired of waking up with achy joints and a body that aches for days, then you need this Serta mattress.
Now, the price of the Serta 10 Inch Gel mattress is the highest on the market for a full size mattress, however, it does come with a warranty that is twice as long as other mattresses out there. So, if long lasting quality is what you are after then the Serta 10 Inch Gel mattress will be perfect for you.

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